In 1965, Full Life Crusade was founded out of necessity. It began when Wesley Smith, a 26-year-old school teacher from Flint, Michigan, began leading many of his students to the Lord. These students began taking the good news of Jesus Christ into the streets. Wes rented a store front building where they could all meet along with other adults for Bible studies. He began to feel God calling him to preach the gospel. He married soon afterward and started financially supporting his father-in-law, George Clerie, who was a pastor in the country of Haiti. Pastor Clerie had been preaching and pastoring in Haiti for 30 years, starting 14 churches, 5 schools, and leading nearly 10,000 people to Christ. When he died, Wes quit his job and began taking groups of people to Haiti to expose them to the needs there. These were the simple beginnings of Full Life Crusade.
Wes authored two books detailing his own testimony of becoming a Christian, his involvement in missions and the birth of Full Life Crusade.

Wesley Smith and missionary team with headhunters in the Philippine jungle.
Picture taken on one of his 35 trips to The Philippines.

In response, many invitations poured in from across the United States for him to speak. He was invited in 1975 to hold a large crusade in the Philippines, seeing many come to know Christ. On the return leg of that trip, he met with some believers from inside China. These Chinese Christians gave first hand reports about the great need for the Word of God in China. The ministry of Full Life Crusade then began to focus its resources on meeting the needs of the Chinese believers.

Wesley at the Great Wall of China

Wesley & Pastor Allen Yuan in Beijing, China

Wesley and Chinese Friends

Full Life Crusade has expanded over the years, leading mission trips not only to China, Haiti, and the Philippines, but also to Africa, India and Russia. And today, 35 years after its inception, over 80 teams have gone abroad, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. The mission continues to be two-fold; to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the third world in the most relevant way, and to lead people on trips to those countries, giving them a new compassion and love for the Lord.

The Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet

Wesley (blue shirt at right) at church in Israel

Wesley Smith continues to speak at conferences and churches in the United States and to lead short-term mission trips. He recently authored another book, the Young Warriors. His five daughters and their families have also taken on many of the responsibilities of the ministry.



Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.
(Many people have never even heard of some of these countries, much less prayed for them. Each person in each

nation thinks that who he is, and what he is involved in, is as important as you feel about your world. God sent His Son, Jesus, to save Red and Yellow, Black and White. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.")

Afghanistan Brunei Denmark Haiti Liberia

Albania Bulgaria Djibouti Honduras Libya

Algeria Burkina Faso Dominica Hungary Liechtenstein

Andorra Burma Dominican Rep. Iceland Lithuania

Angola Burundi Ecuador India Luxembourg

Antigua/Barbuda Cambodia Egypt Indonesia Macedonia

Argentina Cameroon El Salvador Iran Madagascar

Armenia Canada Equatorial Guinea Iraq Malawi

Australia Cape Verde Eritrea Ireland Malaysia

Austria Central Estonia Israel Maldives

Azerbaijan African Rep. Ethiopia Italy Mali

Bahamas, The Chad Fiji Jamaica Malta

Bahrain Chile Finland Japan Marshall,

Bangladesh China France Jordan Islands

Barbados Colombia Gabon Kazakhstan Mauritania

Belarus Comoros Gambia, The Kenya Mauritius

Belgium Congo Georgia Kiribati Mexico

Belize Congo, Dem. Germany Korea, South Micronesia

Benin Rep. of the Ghana Korea, North Moldova

Bhutan Costa Rica Greece Kuwait Monaco

Bolivia Cote d’Ivoire Grenada Kyrgyzstan Mongolia

Bosnia and Croatia Guatemala Laos Morocco

Herzegovina Cuba Guinea Latvia Mozambique

Botswana Cyprus Guinea-Bissau Lebanon Namibia

Brazil Czech Guyana Lesotho Nauru


Nepal San Marino Togo

Netherlands, The Sao tome and Tonga

New Zealand Principe Trinidad and Tobago

Nicaragua Saudi Arabia Tunisia

Niger Senegal Turkey

Nigeria Seychelles Turkmenistan

Norway Sierra Leone Tuvalu

Oman Singapore Uganda

Pakistan Slovakia Ukraine

Palau Slovenia United Arab Emirates

Panama Solomon, Islands United Kingdom

Papua New Guinea Somalia United States

Paraguay South Africa Uruguay

Peru Spain Uzbekistan

Philippines Sri Lanka Vanuatu

Poland Sudan, The Vatican City

Portugal Suriname Venezuela

Qatar Swaziland Vietnam

Romania Sweden Western Samoa

Russia Switzerland Yemen

Rwanda Syria Yugoslavia

Saint Kitts and Taiwan Zambia

Nevis Tajikistan Zimbabwe

Saint Lucia Tanzania

Saint Vincent and Thailand

The Grenadines

Your vision is too small if you don’t have a world vision!

"Where there is no vision, the people perish . . ." Proverbs 29:18

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